KB Roman have over 20 years of experience within property development, having developed student accommodation, commercial and residential properties for both sale and letting purposes. Our robust development team have built up a solid infrastructure in terms of delivering projects on a timely scale, whilst ensuring an extremely high quality of workmanship.

We work with a team of contractors and have in house development experts that are able to oversee each project from start to finish. These experts have worked to deliver multiple development projects in very short time scales due to sheer experience and ability to manage.

Our development team are responsible for:

  • Consulting on the initial plan
  • Commissioning drawings
  • Advising on relevant planning applications
  • Commissioning contractors
  • Instructing the work
  • Ordering materials
  • Monitoring the project (ensuring timescales)
  • Site management
  • Decorating/ Flooring
  • Delivering the product

Initial consultation lasts for 1 hour fees are charged at £100 per hour (rates may vary subject to requirement).

For more information on this process or for a consultation please call 0121 472 7000.